Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Trance Mask 3D Scan and Print

This is a quick one. There will be more to come on the process and reason for this in the coming days but just need to get something up on the blog to keep the flow going.

The more to come.  This was an exercise in recreating an existing object for mass production potential via 3D printing.  My brother creates and uses these Trance Masks in his Improvisation theater in Paris.  These Masks represent one off hand made pieces that certain actors are then able to develop into characters over time.  The issue being each one is hand made and if one was to break then it would be very hard to replicate the exact mask again and as such that character might be lost.  Below is a very basic and rough process I used to try and capture this mask digitally and the reproduce it via 3D printing.  With the hope that My brother now as a carbon copy of that hand made mask as a backup.

There will probably be one final update to this post when I receive the print back from Shapeways.  This was also a very good test of their printing services and Mesh Mixer from Autodesk.  When I get that back I will post more on the details of the Mesh mixer and finally phase.

I received my print from Shapeways!  I have to say I was very impressed with their pipelines and feedback. Here is the finished coloured sandstone print. Very impressive quality. The colours are muted and blurry compared to the source images but it's very impressive to have this perfect scale model from a digitised file. See for yourself. 

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