Monday, 26 May 2014

Iphone 4s

So I've been crazy busy on a job recently, then I got myself a new computer so that took some time to setup.  I did a little modeling exercise and rendering on this Iphone 4S.  Hopefully it's all spot on to dimensions and CAD so that I can use it to make some 3D printed cases for it.  Hopefully that'll be my next post.  There are still things to finish on this.  The wire mesh and the base etc.  Just at a good point to update the blog so figured I would.

I spent a few more hours on this and resolved a few issues.  
  • Fixed heights of buttons and depth of the + / - signs. 
  • Added the base details in and the sim card slot. 
  • Refined the edges and added all the cameras and flash.  
  • Fixed the mesh for the speakers and created the base screws.
  • Then tweaked the materials to make it more like the coating on the metal parts of the iphone and not just stock aluminum.

It was quite fun to get back to just Maya modeling.  Next step, make and exterior shell from the dimensions and sculpt some case designs.

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krakatoa said...

Constantly amazed at the quality. I culdn't tell this from a high def photo. I love the idea of being able to produce 3d printed skins. Maybe those guys that we met at the Gadget show would have a go at one to test their printer?