Monday, 5 August 2013

3D Charm design

I've attempted to go back to basics and make a Pandora charm for my wife's 30th birthday.  It's been and gone in the time it's taken me to design test print and make this.  Sorry wifey!  :)  Love you!

But I have learnt a huge amount about z brush and rendering with poly paint textures and material setups.  Also had to swat up on sorting out UV's for the tools in another 3D package and then the work flow from that back into Zbrush.
Small steps and perhaps not obvious from this rendering but I'm still progressing.  Been awhile since the last post because I've been so hectic at work and lost alot of drive with my last print but this time I did a test print to fix scales and I'm hoping I'll get it right when it comes to the final output.

These are the updated calibration prints O got back to get the measurements correct first before printing in silver.  I've been reading that I should expect some shrinkage during the process due to the mold and the metal casting,  Probably explains my last piece being a little too small.

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krakatoa said...

Looks very nice, I have no idea what all the techy speak means though. Well done