Wednesday, 27 March 2013

3Dprinted ring from i.materialise

So I got my ring back from the printers. I have to say at first I was disappointed. It's much thinner and no where near as pronounced in detail as I was hoping for. I don't think it's i.materialises fault. In fact they have been great once again informing me when and how the process was going but I think I'm just not great at judging the measurements. Stupid really it's completely attainable to get the sizes right but I must be making a mistake somewhere with my process. I'm going to do some calibration prints as I see from some of the other forum members and then give it another go.
All a learning curve and I fully expected it to be like this so get back up and carry on. ;)


Steve Cory @ Objex Unlimited said...

I find smaller 3D prints tricky when they're detailed. I don't think there's anything wrong with your measurements, but perhaps a different calibration could yield better results. Also, have you tried oxidizing your pieces? The contrast in colors after the process could help bring those finer details out.

ufo 3d said...